Birmingham Alabama Real Estate Market Update – June 10, 2024

As we reach the midpoint of June 2024, the Birmingham, AL real estate market continues to demonstrate robust activity and evolving trends. In this update, we’ll explore the latest market dynamics, new city programs, and key developments that are shaping the Birmingham real estate landscape.

Market Overview

Birmingham’s real estate market remains strong with steady buyer demand and a continued shortage of available homes. The median home price has risen slightly to $285,000, reflecting a 2% increase from May. Low mortgage rates are still encouraging buyers, although inventory levels remain tight, leading to competitive bidding situations for many properties.

Current Trends

  1. Sustained Buyer Demand: The market continues to see high interest from buyers, particularly among millennials and young families attracted to Birmingham’s growing job market and vibrant community life. According to Redfin, demand remains robust.
  2. Seller’s Market: With inventory levels still low, sellers are in a favorable position. Many homes are selling quickly, often above asking price, as buyers compete in a tight market. highlights the competitive nature of the market.
  3. Rise in New Construction: To counteract the inventory shortage, there has been an increase in new construction, particularly in suburban areas. These new homes are designed to meet modern preferences, with energy-efficient features and smart home technology. See the latest data on new builds from the Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE).
  4. Popular Neighborhoods: Areas such as Highland Park, Avondale, and Crestwood continue to be hotspots due to their proximity to downtown, excellent schools, and community amenities. These neighborhoods are experiencing high demand and quick sales.

New Programs and Initiatives

Birmingham is proactively supporting its residents with several new programs aimed at enhancing the real estate market and community living:

  1. First-Time Homebuyer Assistance Program: The city has introduced a new program offering down payment assistance and low-interest loans to first-time homebuyers. This initiative aims to make homeownership more accessible to a broader segment of the population. More details can be found on the City of Birmingham’s official website.
  2. Green Building Incentives: To promote sustainable living, Birmingham is offering tax incentives and grants for homeowners and builders who incorporate green building practices. This includes the use of energy-efficient materials and renewable energy sources.
  3. Neighborhood Revitalization Projects: The city is investing in revitalizing older neighborhoods. This includes improving infrastructure, adding green spaces, and enhancing public safety. These efforts are expected to increase property values and attract new residents.

Key Developments

Several significant developments are currently underway in Birmingham:

  1. Downtown Redevelopment: Birmingham’s downtown area is undergoing a significant transformation with new commercial and residential projects. These developments aim to boost economic activity and attract more businesses and residents to the heart of the city.
  2. Tech Hub Expansion: The expansion of Birmingham’s tech hub continues, with new office spaces and innovation centers opening. This growth is attracting tech companies and startups, contributing to job creation and economic diversification.
  3. Public Transportation Upgrades: The city is enhancing its public transportation network with new bus routes and improved connectivity. These upgrades aim to make commuting easier and more efficient for residents, supporting the city’s growth and accessibility.


Birmingham’s real estate market is vibrant and evolving, with strong buyer demand, a favorable environment for sellers, and proactive city programs supporting growth and sustainability. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or invest, staying informed about these trends and developments can help you make the best decisions in this dynamic market.

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